new standards by Ørgreen

Quantum High is a new and improved collection from the Danish brand Orgreen.
4 new models have already been presented in Russia. The collection has become popular thanks to the lightweight 3D printed polyamide frame.
For Russia, the collection is relevant in that almost all models are designed for a medium or large face shape.
The frames are combined with titanium temples with a thickness of only 1.2 mm. Since customer comfort is the most important thing for Orgreen, each set now comes with 4 pairs of silicone nose pads of different sizes. A comfortable fit is guaranteed.
The Danes experiment with color and do it professionally at the highest level. Unusual shades such as blackberry are sure to be loved by customers. Or a combination of a black frame and a bright orange titanium temple. Young people (and not only them) will be delighted!
The hinge has changed. Unlike the previous generation of Quantum, it has become flatter and more stable.
The models of the collection are not produced in Japan, but in the homeland of the brand in Denmark, and are also assembled by hand.